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Professional Abrasive Blasting for a Longer Lasting Finish
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Paint Removal and Corrosion Removal

Industrial Blasting Services offers you a comprehensive abrasive blasting service. Our indoor facility allows us to protect our work from the weather so we can continue to blast even in the pouring rain. We can accommodate any size project from bicycle parts to items weighing up to 30,000lbs. Same day service available.

Abrasive Blasting

The process in which compressed air is propelling a stream of media against a surface to remove the contaminants, creating a smooth or course anchor pattern. This process is more cost effective than spending hours grinding or using sand paper which may remove more than you want to. It also provides a better base for adhesion of your coatings. This can be used on a variety of items, for example removing rust to prepare rusted wrought iron fencing, metal patio furniture or metal hand railings for painting. Other uses include paint removal, oil or scale removal from industrial equipment, pipes, pump and turbine parts and more. Our abrasive media will give any metal surface the texture you want, whether it is smooth or rough. Some of the media we use includes:

Aluminum Oxide | Coal Slag | Glass Beads | Plastic Beads | Soda | Star Blast | Walnut Shells and more...




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Restorations and Painting


Our abrasive blasting service is an excellent way to prepare the surface of something you want to restore. Some of the most common things include cars, race-car chassis, trailers, and aluminum boats. We also offer priming and painting for industrial items we have blasted such as pumps, blowers, pipes and more.

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Removing Paint from Brick

Removing layers of paint from brick can be time consuming, let us restore your brick to it's original color today.

Before Removing paint

After Removing Paint

Metal Fabrication and CNC Machining

Fabricating custom hand railings, balconies and foyer entrances. Design and CNC cut many materials. Examples include specific parts like sprockets and brackets to ornamental designs.

Metal Art, Abrasive Blasting Services in Kenner, LA Metal Art, Abrasive Blasting Services in Kenner, LA

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Abrasive Blasting Services | Kenner, LA
Based in Kenner, Louisiana, we specialize in abrasive blasting services to remove materials from metal surfaces.
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